RebeccaFlinnHello there! My name is Rebecca Matty Cakes Flinn. Since the early childhood I was very boyish. I loved trucks instead of dolls, running instead of dancing, cars instead of make-up etc.

Most of the people thought that I love girls more than boys, but that turned out to be not true J I have a handsome boyfriend Jim, – who’s with me every single day.

Weird thing is that since we moved in together, I was taking care of our house. Doing all the maintenance work etc. He calls me the superwoman. I know everything about upholstery, roof repair, floor repair, garage door repairs etc. How do I know it? Well, – how do people get to know things? – Natural interest of course. I just always wanted my own home, and I knew, – once I’ll have it, – I’ll have to know how to maintain it. Because “the house” is like living, breathing, thinking thing (it sounds spooky sometimes) but it’s true. House has an opinion of it’s own. And I do everything,that his opinion would match mine if that makes sense.

So yeah, – this is very interesting blog form a perspective of a woman who takes care of things most men don’t know how to.  Anyways, Thank you for visiting my blog and I will catch up with you later. CYA